Overview on PSGD's lectures and courses

The subjects of our lectures and courses are: Global Geodesy, Geodetic Reference Systems, Physical Geodesy, Satellite Geodesy, Satellite Navigation (GNSS), Positioning and Navigation, Geodetic System Earth Observation, and Parameter Estimation including Signal Processing.

Change in curriculum. Starting with winter term 2021/2022 the new curriculum 'Studienordnung 2021' is introduced. The old curriculum 'Studienordnung 2014' will phase out according to the regular scheme. Information about the transition is available in German under link 'Downloads und Formulare des Studienbüros' des Fachbereichs, see “Informationen zu den neuen Studiengängen ab WS 21/22”.

PSGD provides lectures and courses mainly for the following study courses (the courses can be selected to contribute to other study courses, depending on course regulations):

Further information about both study courses, (study regulations, study and examination plans, modules handbooks), are available on 'Downloads und Formulare des Studienbüros' des Fachbereichs.

About Geodesy – fields of activity, carrier prospects, and study courses – there is a very informative and well worth seeing website presented by three associations together: Weltvermesserer – Arbeitsplatz Erde (in German).

If there are questions and remarks concerning PSG's study activities please don't hesitate to contact the respective lecturer directly or by e-mail (contact information under “Physical and Satellite Geodesy” -> “Staff”).