Job as HiWi

At PSGD we offer the opportunity to work as HiWi for students.

To students, mainly of study courses in Geodesy and Geoinformation, who are

  • willing to earn some money with work related to study,
  • interested in measurements, data evaluations, computer etc.,
  • motivated to acquire knowledge and skills beyond the scope of pure study,

we offer the opportunity to work as HiWi in our section (HiWi: studentische Hilfskraft, 'Wi' for wissenschaftlich is of historic origin).

Payment at this time is 12 € per hour, which is not too much, but you will have the possibility to learn a lot in our research areas and computer science (of course depending on the work and on your own motivation).

If you have interest please don't hesitate to contact someone of our scientific staff (see staff page) personally or by e-mail.