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Prof. Dr. -Ing. H.-J. Linke

“Land is a vital and non-renewable resource. For it to be used sustainably, we require appropriate strategies and instruments. Land Management thus encompasses the continuous monitoring of land use, determining the demand for adjustments due to changing societal requirements, as well as their planning-, and property-related implementation. While doing this, economic, ecological, and social needs are to be considered.”

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Current information for students

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Collaboration with the department of Spatial- and Infrastructure Planning

Research topics at the FG Land Management / Spatial & Infrastructure Planning

Since November 2016 the department of Spatial- and Infrastructure Planning is under the provisional direction of Prof. Dr. -Ing. Hans Joachim Linke. This is used for an intensive cooperation expressed through an integrative perspective on the topics of both departments in studies and teaching.

Link to the department Spatial- and Infrastructure Planning

Master's programme Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)

The Department of Land Management / Spatial and Infrastructure Planning is very involved in the Master's programme Sustainable Urban Development: we teach 5 of the 10 modules offered at the TU Darmstadt and thus make a significant contribution to ensuring that students can apply excellent expertise in the fields of spatial and urban development to their professional lives.

Link to the Study program „Sustainable Urban Development“