The Chair

The Chair of Land Management

Excellent basic research combined with a high level of practical relevance: The Chair of Land Management is one of the leading research institutions in the land management sector. Our aim is to achieve the best possible understanding of spatial planning and the valuation of real estate by combining research and knowledge transfer. At the same time, the findings are to be applied in practice.

This requires instruments and processes in the legal (e.g. land-use plans, land readjustment instruments), economic (e.g. cost-benefit analyses, real estate valuation), economic (e.g. environmental impact assessment, impact/compensation regulation), and social (e.g. governance forms) area, which are connected using engineering and management methods.

The chair is accordingly composed of an interdisciplinary team responsible for teaching and research. Organizationally, the chair is included in the Faculty for Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt as a part of the Institute for Geodesy.