Topics of completed theses

Here you will find a selection of topics from completed final theses:


Topic Degree
Use of BIM for public construction projects in Germany and Europe B.Sc.
3D city models using the example of the city of Darmstadt B.Sc.
Analysing the infrastructure for bicycles in Darmstadt and presenting the results with Story-maps B.Sc.
Analysis of interpretation procedure and concept of an application to support spatial assessment of water-related data B.Sc.
Mobile provition of spatial related information. The Sample of Wiesbaden GeoApp-Finding the responsible institution B.Sc.
Storymaps to visualize hydrochemistry data B.Sc.
Process chain for the mapping of spatial analysis in the context of customer communication B.Sc.
Urban Mining the basis of a business model – Stakeholder and potential analysis in the Rhine-Main-Region B.Sc.
Spatial data and their dynamic analysis to support humanitarian aid organizations in monitoring and managing refugee camps M.Sc.
Automated classification of auxiliary buildings for the potentials of interior development M.Sc.
Automated identification of parking vehicles in airborne laser scan data the sample of Wiesbaden M.Sc.
On the calculation of viewsheds out of 3d city models M.Sc.
Concept and protoype of georeferenced, multimedial city historical archive system M.Sc.

Real estate appraisal and real estate markets

Topic Degree
The Determination of Land Value by Means of the Residual Value Method – An Empirical Analysis Using the Example of the City of Darmstadt Student Thesis
The correlation between apartment size and rent level using the example of the city of Heidelberg Bachelor
The modeling of rental offer prices with artificial neural networks and their possible applications Bachelor
Real Estate Price Bubbles – Predicting the Under-expected – A Literature Analysis Bachelor
A comparative analysis of vacancy data Bachelor
Real estate trading in Germany and the USA – a comparison based on the brokerage ratio on online real estate portals Bachelor
Real estate price bubbles – ratio analysis as a forecasting tool using the example of the US real estate market crisis Bachelor
Reuse of building components – An economic alternative? Bachelor
Building component reuse – A profitable business? Component group: floor coverings Study area: Federal Republic of Germany Bachelor
The Relationship between Apartment Size and Rent Level in Germany and its Influence on Project Development Master
Real estate price development in German cities – price bubble or not? Master
Real Estate Appraisal of Fire and Rescue Service Stations for Sale Purposes using the Example of the Frankfurt Fire Department Master
The impact of the pre-announcement of the rent cap on asking rents in Berlin Master

Rural development

Topic Degree
Historical development of stream restoration Bachelor
Land requirements of agriculture in Germany to ensure food security Bachelor
Agricultural outbuildings – contribution to sustainable rural development Bachelor
Chances and potentials of rural areas in a knowledge-based society Master
Development of local recommendations for the cooperation and participation of owners/managers of near-water areas in the renaturation and near-natural development of watercourses in rural areas using the example of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate Master

Urban land readjustment

Topic Degree
Methods for the projection of the residential land demand of a municipality Student research project
Stormwater management in the development of building land Bachelor
Regulation of stormwater management in land-use plans and its planning, land-use, organizational and ecological evaluation – using the example of the building area “Am Seerich” in Münster (Hesse) Master
Land reallocation in Vietnam Master

Urban and spatial development

Topic Degree
Metropolitan Region and Airport – examined using the example of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region and Frankfurt Airport Bachelor
Measures to implement the energy transition in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region Bachelor
Stadium locations as a challenge for urban planning – examined using the example of the “Merck Stadium am Böllenfalltor” in the City of Science Darmstadt Bachelor
Climate protection as a task of urban planning – examined in the city of Frankfurt am Main Bachelor
Challenges and opportunities in implementing the mobility transition – examined using selected case studies from the city of Darmstadt and the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg Bachelor
Implementing the energy transition through regional cooperation – examined in the city of science Darmstadt and its surrounding area Bachelor
Resilience in cities: Analysis of current urban approaches as well as overlaps with sustainable development approaches – examined using the example of the city of Quito Bachelor
Urban resilience as a guiding principle for the development of climate adaptation strategies – examined using case studies within Europe Bachelor
Pedestrian friendliness – contribution to health-oriented urban development in small and medium-sized cities Bachelor
Travelling in the countryside – living without your own car Bachelor
Optimization of regional planning procedures for rail infrastructure projects through preliminary measures Master
Trinational Region Upper Rhine (spatial planning) Master
Water-resilient urban development in the context of climate change Master
Sustainable development and resilience of cities: Analysis of overlaps and differences Master


Topic Degree
Health-promoting traffic planning – contribution of new mobility concepts Bachelor
The integration of public transport into existing urban structures – With a focus on metropolitan areas in South America Bachelor
The contribution of small-scale decentralized energy supply systems to the energy transition – Best Practice Bachelor
Planning of inter-communal public transport rail routes Master
Challenges and solution approaches of public transport in a post-apartheid city in Africa – Investigated using the case study of “Go! Durban”, South Africa Master
Connecting rural areas to public transport and P+R facilities Master
Pandemic resilient mobility concepts in European cities Master
Importance of Formal Procedures for the Implementation of Projects with Spatial Impact – Comparison of the Plan Approval Procedure in Grid Expansion and Offshore Wind Energy with the BImSchG Procedure in Onshore Wind Energy Master
Changing the modal split through new forms of micromobility – A potential analysis of e-scooters in combination with public transport Master