Bodenmanagement und Gebäudeinformationssysteme
(engl: Land management and building information system)


The module “Bodenmanagement und Gebäudeinformationssysteme” (PO 2014) is expiring and has been offered for the last time in SoSe21.

Examination will be possible until WiSe23/24.

The aim is that after attending the course, students are able to specify possible applications of building information systems, to model building information systems and to select suitable procedures for recording the necessary data. Furthermore, contents of the land register and the real estate cadastre are taught.

Further information can be found in TuCaN

or in the Master Module Handbook of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing- H.-J. Linke

Language: German

Event period: SoSe

Semester week hours: 4

Credit Points: 6

Examination: Schriftlich / mündlich

Study programs:M.Sc. BI, M.Sc. GG