Bachelor Courses

The Chair of Land Management offers courses for Bachelor students in both winter and summer semesters. Here you can find all Bachelor courses of the institute at a glance.

For technical questions about the individual courses, please contact the lecturers.

For administrative questions, you can also contact Ms. Batsche in the secretary's office.

Please note the office hours for students: Tues. – Fri.: 10:00 am- 3:00 pm.

Modules whose name is in German are held in German and those whose name is in English are held in English.

A translation in English of the main content of the German modules is available on this website for each module.


The Modules “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2014) and “Kommunale Bauleitplanung I” (PO 2014) will be combined into “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2021).

The courses of PO 2014 was offered for the last time in SS 2022 and will be replaced by the new course from SS 2023.

  • Transfer students in the Bachelor's program from the old PO to the new PO will receive credit for each of the two modules previously offered for the new module. If a student has successfully completed both PO 2014 modules, the module “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2014) will be recognized as an elective module “Einführung in die Stadt- und Regionalplanung”.
  • Students who remain in the old PO can take the module “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2021) for the modules “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2014) or “Kommunale Bauleitplanung I” (PO 2014). If both modules are to be taken, the elective module “Einführung in die Stadt- und Regionalplanung” must be taken for the module “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2014).

The Module “Einführung in die Stadt- und Regionalplanung” (PO 2021) will be offered for the first time starting SS 2023. For further details see above.