Artificial intelligence and geodata to raise awareness for sustainable spatial development (GeoSen)

Motivation: Rural regions throughout Europe are facing similar challenges. These include strong urbanisation trends, significant shrinkage processes, increasing need for adaptation to climate change and the threat to existing cultural landscapes. In order to minimise new land use, efficient spatial development is necessary, which in turn requires a detailed and transparent data basis for managing demands and weighing them up. The planning authorities responsible for rural areas in particular lack the necessary resources for a continuous and complete collection of digital data on land use, which is in line with the concept of Smart Villages.

Objectives: Through innovative IT tools that use AI techniques to identify spatial changes in land use and can be used for development processes for the efficient and sustainable use of land as a resource and for strengthening rural areas, the secondary objective is to support development and planning processes for sustainable rural areas and smart villages for digitalisation.

Sponsors BMBF (FKZ 01DS22003A)
Project duration: 2022 – 2024
Temporary free access to WebGIS:

[09.04.2024] Digital GeoSen workshop – Remote sensing in nature conservation

As the conclusion of working platform 5, the workshop served to present the web tools developed in cooperation with CoraMaps and to discuss further potential for improvement and application. The general importance of innovative IT tools and the potential of remote sensing for planning processes and the sustainable use of land as a resource were also discussed.

Representatives of HLNUG as well as LFU and SGD Nord from Rhineland-Palatinate took part.

Further information on use cases and background can be found here: Slides from the GeoSen workshop (opens in new tab)

Free access to the revised WebGIS, supplemented among other things with options for downloading JSON files, and the functionalities available there here:
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