14th Postdoctoral and Ph.D. Seminar from July 13 to July 14, 2023, in Munich


Scholars and researchers from different German universities gathered in Munich at the 14th Seminar for Postdoctoral and Ph.D. Students. Organized by the German Geodetic Commission's Department of Land and Real Estate Management, the goal of the seminar is to provide a platform for young researchers – specializing in land and real estate management – to present their ongoing work. Moreover, selected presenters had the opportunity to receive feedback on their research projects from a diverse audience beyond their own academic institutions. This year's seminar featured four sessions that encompassed a wide range of research approaches: data, urban development, real estate market, and rural development. Notably, nine members from the Land Management Department at TU Darmstadt participated in the event.

One of the presentations at the seminar was given by Dr. Felipe Francisco De Souza, a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer from the Department of Land Management. De Souza presented the challenges to collect and analyze 120 years of unstructured data (1902-2022) to assess the implementation impact of land readjustment (Baulandumlegung) in Frankfurt am Main. M.Sc. Laura Mato Julcamoro, a research associate from the Department of Land Management, shared and discussed the initial steps of her work on predicting the future of land readjustment (Baulandumlegung) in Germany. Additionally, M.Sc. Jan Schmid, also a research associate from the Department of Land Management, explained the development of an early warning tool to identify transaction market turning points, using as example the residential real estate market in Frankfurt am Main.

In addition to the presentations, the seminar provided ample opportunities for participants to engage in knowledge-sharing and networking activities. Furthermore, an evening social event provided a relaxed environment for further discussions and interactions. We extend our gratitude to the organizing team from UniBW München for their excellent arrangements and execution of the seminar. Next year in 2024, TU Darmstadt will gladly host the 15th Seminar for Postdoctoral and Ph.D. Students on Land and Real Estate Management.