Faculty successfully took part in a triathlon

2022/09/12 by

Under the name “Bürotiere”, the staff* participated successfully in the 10 Friends Triathlon in Darmstadt.

It is a somewhat changeable Sunday morning, the fog still lies over the fields and some clouds cover the sun. Nevertheless, the staff of the Land Management and Spatial and Infrastructure Planning departments set off for Darmstadt's Nordbad swimming pool, where the 10 Friends Triathlon is taking place on this Sunday morning.

Packed with bike, swimwear, running shoes and drinks, they first head to the transition area to set up. Here, the bikes are hung on bike racks and the clothes for changing are laid out. Preparations are made to spend as little time as possible in the transition area during the triathlon. Tips and hints are exchanged, the run numbers are attached and the tracking bands are put on.

At 10 a.m. on the dot, the team starts on lane 8 in the swimming pool of the Nordbad. Using a variety of swimming techniques, everyone finally manages to master the first discipline. After completing the 7.5 lanes, it's time to get out of the pool and over to the transition area, dry off and put on shoes. On the bike it's now time to ride over the streets of Darmstadt, a total of 4 laps and thus 18 kilometres. You can already feel the legs, but all the colleagues are pedalling hard and are constantly overtaking. Cheered on by other colleagues and friends, the bike ride flies by. After the fourth lap, it's back to the transition area to park the bike and set off on the run through the Bürgerpark. The muscles are tired, but after another 4.2 kilometres of jogging, it's done. Cheered on again at the finish line, the final sprint takes place and all colleagues make it to the finish line successfully and with a smile on their faces.

The team is toasted with snacks and cool drinks on the festival grounds. 22nd place out of 52 is achieved. The “office animals” will compete again in 2023 and show that scientists don't just sit behind a desk.