TU Darmstadt at the forest art trail


For our DeepForest project, Mona Goebel and Sebastian Hunger are currently testing the first data collection in the forest with their self-made sensor backpack. The data from two Lidar sensors and a multispectral camera will be used to create a 3D point cloud with additional spectral information to describe the forest.

At the moment, the forest art trail in Darmstadt is being digitised. It is being carried out by the measurement engineers of Metrika360 as a cooperation partner of the Association of International Forest Art and Culture of a Digital City. They use a device from the company NavVis, which also has two Lidar sensors. However, the enrichment of the point clouds with additional information is done with the help of four RGB cameras.

We were allowed to participate and learned a lot from the engineer Tim Schrievers and the forest art trail organiser Ute Ritschel. At the same time, we also recorded data with our backpack.

The picture shows the NavVis device on the left, carried by Jonas Rau, and our backpack on the right. The exchange was very informative and we are very curious to see what the digital forest with its artworks will look like.

Frankfurter Rundschau also wrote about this excursion and the project of the forest art trail Frankfurter Rundschau articel.