Picture: M. Mayer

M.Sc. Miriam Mayer


work +49 6151 16-22975

Work L5 I 01 243 A
Franziska-Braun-Straße 7
64287 Darmstadt

on appointment

  • GIS and WebGIS
  • Using GIS for Urban Analysis

I offer and supervise topics connected to above-mentioned fields of research. Own suggestions and ideas are welcome.

You can find topics suggested by me and others here.

  • Bourgoin, Audrey; Kraff, Benjamin D.; Mayer, Miriam (2020): Gebäudematerialkataster im Städtebau – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Umsetzung ressourcenbezogener Zielsetzungen. In: Flächenmanagement und Bodenordnung (fub), 6/2020, S. 263-271.
  • Master thesis: “Investigation of the effect of weather at the home location in relation to travel booking behavior in Switzerland using a neural network” (Software development Java with Deeplearning4j)
  • Practice Group Project Master: “Development of two Android Apps for the visualization of a) sugar content in beverages and b) stakeouts” (Software development C# with Unity Engine)
  • Bachelor thesis: “Automatic generation of floor plans and sections from point clouds” (Software development C++)
  • Practical project Bachelor: “Evaluation of heading measurements with laser scanner” (Software development C#)