M.Sc. Audrey Bourgoin


work +49 6151 16-21962

Work L5|01 145
Franziska-Braun-Str. 7
64287 Darmstadt

on appointment

  • Climate change and adaptation strategies in urban areas
  • Future adaptation of urban infrastructures
  • Sustainable cities
  • Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Cadastre/Register of buildings and materials
  • Urban Mining
  • Planning instruments to increase resource efficiency on neighbourhood level
  • 2019/04 – 2024/08 Resource-efficient urban districts (BMBF project RessStadtQuartier)
  • 2021/07 – 2022/01 Expertise report: Risk analysis of transport infrastructures in relation to climate impacts (contract research Hessen Mobil)
  • 2022/04 – 2023/01 Expertise report: Basis for a Hessian priority program climate adaptation on state roads (contract research Hessen Mobil)
  • Umweltplanung
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Economics of Infrastructure (at Vietnamese-German University)

I offer and supervise topics connected to above-mentioned fields of research. I will also gladly support your own topic suggestions and ideas.

  • Bourgoin, A.; Linke, H.-J. (2023): Urban Sustainability and Urban Resilience Indicators: Preliminary Framework for a Methodology to Combine Both Approaches in a Common Indicator Se. In: Mookherjee, D.; Pomeroy, G. M.; Huong, L.T.T (2023): Urban Transformational Landscapes in the City-Hinterlands of Asia
  • Linke, H.-J., Ritter, L., Bourgoin, A., Kraff & Salemons, F. (2022): Gefährdungsanalyse von Verkehrsinfrastrukturen gegenüber Klimaauswirkungen. Research report commissioned by Hessen Mobil.
  • Bourgoin, A.; Kraff, B. D.; Mayer, M. (2020): Gebäudematerialkataster im Städtebau – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Umsetzung ressourcenbezogener Zielsetzungen. In: Flächenmanagement und Bodenordnung (fub), 6/2020, S. 263-271.
  • Bourgoin, Audrey (2022): Evaluation of the climate adaptation plans of cities against heat waves using the impact logic of municipal action: A study of medium-sized cities in the “warmest climatic regions” of Germany (Presentation: 8th International Conference on Sustainable Urban Development, Binh Duong, Vietnam)
  • Bourgoin, Audrey; Kraff, Benjamin D. (2022): Results of the risk analysis of transport infrastructures in relation to climate impacts (contract research by Hessen Mobil). VSVI seminar, climate change and transport infrastructure, March 23, 2022, Association of Road and Transport Engineers Hessen e.V., Wiesbaden
  • Bourgoin, Audrey (2019): Urban sustainability and urban resilience indicators: preliminary framework for a methodology to combine both approaches in a common indicator set (Presentation: 15th Asian Urbanization Conference, November 27-30, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City & Binh Duong, Vietnam)