Real estate valuation

Due to the high value impact and long-term character of real estate-related decisions, companies and private individuals are faced with major challenges.

Strategic corporate decisions such as the choice of location or important private decisions such as the determination of a fair purchase price therefore require a wide range of information. Real estate valuers are therefore involved in a wide variety of processes and determine values for different reasons. These include, among others:

  • Valuation in corporate transaction processes
  • Balance sheet valuation
  • Tax valuation
  • Determination of the mortgage lending value
  • Valuation in inheritance and gift proceedings

Correct real estate valuation requires in-depth knowledge about business, construction and law as well as comprehensive knowledge of the methods of real estate valuation and the real estate markets.

The modules described in the above-mentioned Bachelor's and Master's degree programs provide students with the professional foundations to be able to work as real estate valuers. Advanced modules and theses also offer the opportunity to deal with highly topical issues such as the effects of legislative changes or the possibilities of technical progress, e.g. through automated data collection and analysis.

In case of activity as a “certified expert” or as a “publicly appointed expert”, a further recognition procedure may be required. Depending on the orientation and study success, the required examinations of corresponding providers can be successfully completed to a large extent even without the preparation courses offered by the providers, which are usually subject to a fee.

  • Freelance experts for real estate valuation
  • Major banks
  • Expert committees for real estate valuation
  • Capital management companies
  • Brokerage companies
  • Management consultancies
  • Economic consulting companies

Students who want to apply the knowledge they have acquired in the field of real estate valuation to a single topic have the opportunity to do so within the framework of a Bachelor's thesis.

Students who want to apply the knowledge they have acquired in the field of real estate valuation to a special problem or a difficult practical case (the department's good contacts with the surrounding expert committees for real estate values and freelance experts enable a wide range of tasks) have the opportunity to do so in the context of a Master's thesis or a student research project.