Leakage Detection
Satellite-based detection of leaks in long-distance water pipelines

The aim of the project is to develop a satellite-based monitoring system for detecting leaks in long-distance water pipelines.

Multispectral and SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images acquired over a period of time will be combined through coregistration to detect soil moisture caused by water pipe bursts based on changes in soil structure. Key components of the development include multi-sensor and multi-temporal data fusion and an algorithm for locating leakage points.

A new user interface with traffic light display and alarm function is intended to provide the user with an overview of the status of his network at all times.

With the developed system, it should be possible for the first time for long-distance water suppliers to monitor their pipes automatically and continuously, to detect leaks at an early stage, to carry out targeted repair measures and to save large quantities of water.

The project was supported by the LOEWE funding line 3 “KMU-Verbundvorhaben”.