Benchmark Metadata Database (BeMeDa)

A benchmark database adapted to the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Over many years, numerous benchmark datasets in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing have been created for very different use cases. Grown structures, such as scattered links on the ISPRS website, can no longer fully cope with the increasing importance of free datasets and especially benchmarks. Especially for young scientists and non-specialist users it is of great importance that benchmark datasets can be found quickly and easily via the web. Especially in smaller communities, like photogrammetry and remote sensing, the dissemination of benchmark datasets via (online) conferences can only reach a limited audience.

Therefore, we developed a metadata schema that is targeted to cover the topics of photogrammetry and remote sensing. Based on this metadata our metadata database was developed. With the help of a web interface, a search for existing benchmark datasets is greatly simplified.

BeMeDa Demo App

Note: The current version of BeMeDa is a prototype demonstrating the functionality. An important aspect of such a database is completeness. This criterion cannot be fulfilled in the current version.