Dr.-Ing. Luciana Fenoglio-Marc




1978-1982 Study of Mathematics at the University of Torino (Italy)
1983-1984 Research Fellow at CERGA, Astronomic Observatory (France), Institute of Geodesy
1985-1986 Alenia Space, Torino (Italy), Mission Analysis
1986-1990 ESOC, Darmstadt (Germany), Mission Analysis and Flight Dynamics
1990-1991 Alenia Space, Torino (Italy), Flight Dynamics
1991-1996 PhD student at Institute of Physical Geodesy, Technische Universität Darmstadt.
1996 Ph.D. dissertation (Dr.-Ing.) at Department of Surveying Engineering of Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Title: „Sea Surface Determination with respect to European datums“
since 1996 Research assistant at Institute of Physical Geodesy, Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Research experience

M.Sc. thesis: „Formation of the solar system from incoming bodies“ (astronomy and celestial mechanics)

Fellowship study: „Positionning of the GRASSE groundstation using TRANSIT satellites“ (celestial mechanics and geodesy)

PhD thesis : „Sea Surface Determination with respect to European datums“.(Satellite altimetry, geodesy, oceanography).

Habilitation thesis: „ Satellite geodesy for sea level and climate change, Fachrichtung Geodäsie Fachbereich Bau und Umweltingenieurwesen TU Darmstadt, Habilitationsschrift http://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/4412/

Main activities :

- Altimeter data processing and retracking of altimetric waveforms in coastal zone

- Development of algorithms for cross-calibration and validation of multi-mission altimeter data (single and dual crossover adjustment)

- Development of algorithms for in-situ calibration and validation of altimetry data using tide gauge and buoys data

- Scientific application of altimetry data for, regional geoid improvement, high-resolution mean sea surface determination

- studies on long-term sea level variability from altimetry and tide gauge data

- studies on mass variation and transport using altimetry, GRACE data and models to separate the components of sea level change

- partecipation to:

Ocean Sea Surface Topography Science Team (since 2003)

ESA AO (for ERS, Envisat, GOCE, Cryosat, since 1993)

Coastal Altimetry Working Group (since 2008)

MEDiterranean CLImate VARiability and Predictability (MEDCLIVAR, since 2000)

Radar altimeter data system user group (RADS, since 1994)

Member of IAG, EGU, AGU etc.

Variability studies
Altimetry and tide gauge data are analysed for a long term sea level variation study

Re-tracking of altimetry near coast
Altimeter data in coastal regions are carefully analysed to detect improvements by ground-based retracking

mass variation and transport
altimetry, GRACE data and models are used in 2002-2007 to separate the components


Research projects

Involved in projects funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) (5), by the European Union (EU) (1) and DAAD (1), as well as in ESA (4), ISRO/CNES (1) and CNES/NASA (3) projects in reply to Announce of Opportunities (AO) for the utilisation of satellite data. I have acquired the data-utilisation projects and six of the funded projects.

1991-2013 PI and Co-Investigator of ESA A0 for ERS, Envisat, GOCE, Cryosat

1999- Member of the European Group of Altimeter Specialists.

2003-2005 CO-I in ESEAS-RI Project EVRI-CT-2002-40025 of the European Commission http://www.clamer.eu/index.php?option=com_clamerprojects&ProjectId=21

2001-2002 Habilitandenstipendium GEPRIS 204078 DFG Project http://gepris.dfg.de/gepris/

2006- 2016 Member of Ocean Science Team (Proj. COSTALT, STREMP-OSST, FICOSELA)

2007-2010 STREMP DFG Project : Webseite zu STREMP http://www.massentransporte.de/

2007-2009 RECOSETO DFG Project (Altimetry)

2008- Member of the International Group of coastal altimetry

2011-2014 COSELE DFG Project (Coastal Altimetry)

2011- Principal Investigator for Saral/AltiKa

2013- submitted application as Principal Investigator for CAL/VAL Sentinel-3

2014-2016 CCI ESA Project (Climate Change Initiative), CCI Option


Project 1 : “Modelling of the Variability of sea level from satellite observations at regional and global scales” HMAM (2001-2002)

Statistic methods are used to represent the regional and global variability. Regional temporal variation at seasonal and interannual time scale are identified and analysed. They are found to be mainly due to temperature changes, but also to wind and pressure effects (Fenoglio-Marc 2001, 2002, Fenoglio-Marc and Groten 2002).

Project 2: “European Sea Level Service Research Infrastructure“ (ESEAS-RI) (EU 2002-2004)

21 Partners

An empirical model of the sea level variability is constructed using both altimeter and tide gauge data with high spatial resolution in the European seas and low globally (Fenoglio-Marc et al. 2005, Fenoglio-Marc et al. 2004, Tsimplis et al. 2005, Tsimplis et al. 2007).

Project 3: “REgional COastal SEa level change and sea surface Topography from altimetry, oceanography and tide gauge stations in Europe” (RECOSETO) (DFG 2007-2008).

Goal of the project RECOSETO is to provide improved coastal altimeter data. The standard altimeter data are available starting from about 20-30km from the coast, mainly due to the application of the standard selection criteria and due to the unavailability of some corrections. Using improved selection criteria and ad-hoc analysis of the altimeter signal (re-tracking of waveforms) the altimeter data are available at 3-5 km from the coast (Fenoglio-Marc et al., 2008; Gommerginger et al., 2009, Fenoglio-Marc and E. Tel 2010, Fenoglio-Marc et al., 2011, Trisirisatayawong et al., 2011).

Project 4: “Spatial and Temporal Resolution Limits for Regional Mass Transport and Mass Distribution” : STREMP Phase I (DFG 2007-2008)

Partners: Geo-Forschungszentrum Potsdam (J. Kusche), University of Oldenburg (E. Stanev).

Analysis of regional mass transport and mass distribution in the Mediterranean and Black Sea catchments, combining altimetry, GRACE gravity fields, oceanography and hydrology. The GRACE derived time-variable mass change, with spatial accuracy improved by advanced filtering approaches, is regionally compared to estimates of non-steric sea level change from altimeter observations. The Mediterranean-Black Sea region is an ideal test case for an integrated modelling of mass transport and mass variations in the system Earth. In the first phase (STREMP I) the analysis concentrate on detection and comparison of annual and seasonal signals. In the Mediterranean Sea we find a very good agreement between the water mass derived from GRACE and the steric-corrected altimeter data at both seasonal and inter-annual time scales (Fenoglio et al., 2006; 2007).


Project 5: “Spatial and Temporal Resolution Limits for Regional Mass Transport and Mass Distribution” : STREMP Phase II (2009-2010)

Partners : Uni Bonn (J. Kusche), University of Oldenburg (E. Stanev) and University of Kassel (L. Menzel), TU Darmstadt (M. Becker)

Terrestrial hydrology and river-runoff have been identified in the first Phase to be the water mass components having the lowest accuracy. Development and validation of a regional high resolution terrestrial hydrology model. Investigation of methods for separating the different contributions of the main surface fluids reservoirs (oceans and continental water storage) (Fenoglio-Marc et al., 2012; Aus der Beek et al. 2012, Fenoglio-Marc et al., 2013, Tsimplis et al., 2013).


Project 6: “Monitoring sea level variability in Indonesian coastal waters using satellite altimetry” (DAAD 2009-2011)

S.Nurmaulia PhD student

Analysis of coastal sea level changes in Indonesia. The Indonesian region consists of thousand of islands and huge populations inhabit low lands in coastal areas, therefore sea level rise has impacts affecting social life in the coastal areas (Nurmaulia et a., 2010; Fenoglio-Marc et al., 2012).

Project 7: „ COastal SEa LEvel“ : COSELE (DFG 2011-2014)

Exploitation of the finer resolution and higher Signal to Noise Ratio of the Cryosat data to get the radar altimeter closer to shore. The German Bight is the area selected for this study.

Project 8: „ CCI “ : Climate Change Initiative (ESA 2014-2016)

This Proposal for Options of the Sea level CCI part (http://www.esa-sealevel-cci.org) of the CCI Project (http://ionia1.esrin.esa.int) aims at assessing in a regional study the quality of the CCI Fundamental Climate Data Record (FCDR) and at verifying the mission-long regional sea level trends, annual and inter-annual variability, characterizing the error and comparing signal and error with the Essential Climate Variable (ECV) regional solution. We consider two regions.
In region A (the Mediterranean Sea) we combine different types of datasets to estimate the sea level change and to verify the closure of the water budget at regional scale. First we evaluate separately the spatio-temporal variations of the main components of the sea level variations: their steric and mass components, which combination gives the total sea level. Each of the three quantities can be estimated from the other two and the agreement between the direct and the indirect estimate gives an indication of the accuracy of each of the three quantities. The second part of the strategy consists in the verification of the water balance closure over the Mediterranean Sea basin given by precipitation, evaporation, river run-off, the flow at the Gibraltar and Bosphorus strait and the mass variation in the basin.
In Region B (the German Bight) we perform a “point-based” validation strategy, which consists in using in-situ geodetic-referenced data as ground truth from network of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) stations. The network provides SSHs referred to a reference ellipsoid directly comparable to the altimeter SSHs. In-situ wave and wind measurements, ocean, wave and weather-models are used for data validation. We use the altimeter CryoSat-2 SAR data to assess the performance of the SAR instrument on measuring sea level trends, and contemporary and past altimeter missions.


List of Publications and Presentations (extract, PDF format)

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Research reports

Fenoglio-Marc L., A software tool for altimeter data pre-processing, IPGD-2010-02, Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Physikalische Geodäsie der TU Darmstadt, 2010.

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L.Fenoglio, 2002: Long term changes in the tropical Pacific, May 2002, TUD Internal Report

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Submitted Abstracts

Fenoglio-Marc L., Regional sea level change and trends, Workshop, Topic: Ocean, 2-5 June 2015, Venice

Fenoglio-Marc L., Buchhaupt C., Dinardo S., Scharroo R., Lukas B., Benveniste J., Becker M., The German Bight: preparing for Sentinel-3 with a complete cross-validation of SAR-processed CryoSat-2 altimeter data against PLRM, S-3 for science Workshop, Topic: Ocean, 2-5 June 2015, Venice