Space Based Remote Sensing


Within the framework of the FabSpace Project the Chair of PSG is working in the field of Satellite remote sensing together in collaboration with the chair of Remote Sensing and Photo Analysis. The free access data from the ESA Sentinel missions offer new potential for the implementation in the area of Geodesy and Environmental Science. The main emphasis is on the research of SAR and interferometric SAR analysis of surface deformation and environmental changes. The combination of optical and hyper-spectral data is here of special interest.

Contact persons: Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Becker, MSc Bayzidul Islam

EU-Project FabSpace 2.0

FabSpace 2.0 Startup Week 2017
FabSpace 2.0 Startup Week 2017

FabSpace 2.0 (Derived from Science 2.0 and Web 2.0 Technologies) is a European initiative to bring all Geo-enthusiast together in-line with Copernicus mission and vision. FabSpace 2.0 project gives the opportunity to be a part of creating the Geo-network for Geo-data-driven innovation by leveraging space data in European universities. With the funding from EU Horizon 2020, FabSpace is launching open innovation one-stop-shop (FabSpace Laboratory) in European universities in collaboration with Business Incubation Centers of European Space Agency (ESA BIC). For instance, the Institute of Geodesy, Technical University of Darmstadt is working together with the ESA Business Incubation Center Darmstadt, managed by cesah GmbH.

The FabSpace Lab (Space Fabrication Lab) providing a free-access to infrastructure, academic materials, software, tools and hands-on-support among civil societies, students, researchers, corporates and entrepreneurs. The FabSpace Laboratory and the Geo-platform ( supports users to use the available hardware and software and helps them to understand how Earth Observation (EO) data (i.e. satellite imagery) and all other Geo-data can be applied to solve everyday challenges. All the ready-to-use infrastructure and Geo-platform is free to use for prototype digital application development in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental Protection, Energy, Smart Cities, Transport and Logistics, Lifestyle, Tourism, and Health sector etc.

Contact person: M. Sc. Md Bayzidul Islam

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