Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

Galileo satellite over Earth
Galileo satellite over Earth (copyright: ESA).

With the implementation of Galileo and Beidou there are now four satellite navigation systems available. This variety of satellite data and signals offers new potential, but also lets new questions arise. The main emphasis at PSG is on the development of multi GNSS evaluation methods for high precision positioning. This also includes the evaluation of the systematic differences between the four systems, the optimal selection of signals, the estimation of their biases and carrier phase ambiguities, and the modeling of the ionosphere and troposphere.

GNSS Meteorology research for the determination of integrated water vapor content and the detection of climate change in the Mediterranean area was conducted in cooperation with Egypt. The research was based on earlier work which dealt with the utilization of water vapor radiometer (WVR) to verify and to increase the precise altitude determination using GNSS.

Contact persons: Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Becker, Dr.-Ing. S. Leinen, MSc. Florian Reckeweg