Structural Analysis

Microwave interferometry for bridge monitoring
Monitoring of bridge oscillation using FastGBSAR sensor

With the use of microwave interferometer it is possible to detect deformation of objects for example alongside the contour of a structure with an accuracy of 0,01 mm at the measurement rate of up to 4 kHz. The examined object needs neither to be instrumented nor needs site inspection. The only requirement is good visibility of the object that is to be measured. Using interferometry the phase of the received radar echo catches the movement of the object. The distance between the sensor and object can be up to 4 km. This method makes it possible to achieve high precision data concerning the deformation and oscillation of the structures and buildings without disrupting their use or operations. It’s a fast and also low price method to gain exact information concerning the quality of structures. Typical areas of application are bridges, noise protection walls or other structure works.

Microwave interferometry for bridge monitoring
Typical measurement configuration for bridge measurements

Landslides and deformation zones

Microwave interferometry for landslide monitoring
Monitoring of landslide in a gravel pit using IBIS sensor

With ground based radar using the interferometric synthetic aperture radar method it is possible to measure surface movement of large structures at a distance up to 2 km. The application of MI offers a variety of possibilities, for example the monitoring of natural events such as landslides, glacial movement and deformation of volcanic slopes.


Contact person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Becker