Kommunale Bauleitplanung I (PO 2014)
(engl: Communal land use planning I)


Modules “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2014) and “Kommunale Bauleitplanung I” (PO 2014) will be combined into “Grundlagen der räumlichen Planung” (PO 2021).

The module “Kommunale Bauleitplanung I” (PO 2014) will be offered for the last time in SS 2022 and will be replaced by the new course from SS 2023.

For further details, see the section “PO change” on the page “Bachelor's courses”.

The aim of this module is to learn the basics of urban land use planning and to gain an understanding of land use plans, development plans, urban development contracts as well as the instruments for implementing urban land use planning.

Further information can be found in TuCaN

or in the Bachelor Module Handbook of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing- H.-J. Linke

Language: German

Event period: SoSe

Semester week hours: 4

Credit Points: 6

Examination: oral

Study programs: B.Sc. UI, BI, WiBi