Sustainable and Health-Oriented Transport and Urban Planning

Health is a topic of great importance for many citizens and the consciousness for health-impacts is increasing in our society. However, in city and traffic planning heath effects are not yet sufficiently considered. Besides that, fundamental knowledge on how to deal with the impending conflict of interests in the promotion of health with other goals such as accessibility and efficient development, is lacking.

Thus, the aim of this project is to illustrate the interdependencies between city structures, transportation systems, and health, in order to uncover health related conflicts of interests in city and traffic development. The correlations between the three topics are analyzed with a focus on air pollutants in the form of case studies of Ho Chi Minh City and Frankfurt a.M. Additionally, ideas of three international experts are concentrated and strategies for the sustainable and health-oriented transportation and city planning developed.

Sponsors:: BMBF (FKZ 01DP19005)
  • TU Darmstadt – Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik (Prof. M. Boltze – Projektleitung)
  • Vietnamese-German University Ho Chi Minh City
  • Vietnamese-German Transport Research Centre
Project duration 01.04.2019 – 31.05.2021 (26 Months)
Final report Final report (opens in new tab)