Was ist Geoinformation?

Geodesy and Geoinformation: What's that?


What is Geoinformation?

We all have to deal with spatial informations, even though we do not notice it. For example a town map is based on such kind of data, and likewise the navigation system in the car. Geoinformation, or spatial information, is an important economic asset in public and private life.

Previously the map was the only visible form of Geoinformation. Nowadays Geoinformation is recorded by means of computer-based methods of geo computer science, processed, analyzed, and finally multimedia-based presented, e.g in internet. As descriptive examples we just mention 3D models of buildings and towns, the combination of spatial information with additional information in car navigation systems or within internet-based route planning. In the study program you will learn about the value of such information, how it is recorded or measured, processed, edited and visualized, and how the information is used together with experts from other disciplines to develop solutions for the different tasks.