Landmanagement und Immobilienwertermittlung

Geodesy and Geoinformation: What's that?


Land Management and Real Estate Valuation


Land Management

A major task for the sustained development of urban and rural areas, for developing landscapes as well as for large projects is, besides planning and realization, the actual provision of areas according to demand. An important contribution is made by allocation of development areas, rural land consolidation and public-private agreements in order to use land in a systematic, economic, ecological and social way and provide legal safeguards for real estate. Land management includes valuation of real estate, scheming, legal safeguarding and reconsolidation of plots, their access to public utilities, mobilization of areas and financing these measures.

The land surveyor develops effective land use concepts with all owners concerned by applying project management and geo-information systems. He coordinates and directs the complex procedures of alteration and produces the appropriate land use that is necessary for a sustainable urban and rural development. He thereby creates the correct infrastructural, economic and ecological conditions for developing rural areas and abolishing land use conflicts. The results are building plots for residences, services and business as well as traffic networks, green spaces, playgrounds, nurseries, schools and areas for ecological purposes. Requirements are not only engineering know-how but also a variety of skills and knowledge in urban and development planning, in planning, building and land law, real estate and business administration, ecology, nature and landscape conservation, law as well as social competence. The land surveyor as the information expert, development planner, project director, expert and operator of methods and instruments turns into a land manager.

Real Estate Valuation

The valuation of property is as old as the private ownership of real estate. A plot no matter whether it is built-up or not – is always a legal object, taxation object for the state as well as a matter for business and commerce. Ascertained real estate values – whether market value, fair value or common value – are criteria for decisions made in business, legal quarters and administrations. The real estate valuation, ascertainment of value and the mathematical-statistical analysis using property price databases are done by authorized experts. They have to know the property market, the market patterns and must have an eye for the market. These experts – regardless of whether they are authorized, independent or act on an honorary basis – must have both technical and legal expertise. Since Europe's enlargement and the increasing globalisation of real estate markets it has become necessary to also be familiar with international valuation methods. Average real estate values and property market reports offer full information about the value of real estate by means of maps, prospectuses, CD-ROMs and on the internet. Real estate price data bases can be accessed on-line to gain information and for multipurpose analysis.

Surveying engineers have decisively influenced the field of real estate valuation. Their specialist evaluation is highly regarded in all rural and urban land consolidation procedures, in cases of urban renewal, land consolidation or in court. Thanks to their expertise in mathematics, surveyors analyse the real estate price data base in an exemplary way and thus create a unique information system with regard to real estate valuation.