Geodäsie und Geoinformation: Was ist das?

Geodesy and Geoinformation: What's that?


Profession with History

Originating from Greek Geodesy means “to divide the Earth”. Until the 19th century mainly astronomers, mathematicians, and physicists were dealing with geodetic problems. For conducting practical work denominations like geometrician and surveyor were in use. Since the 30s of last century Surveying Engineer became the common professional appellation.

Profession with Future

Today the occupational field Geodesy and Geoinformation is an engineering discipline strongly influenced by natural sciences. Its position is between mathematics, physics, computer science and electrical engineering as well as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, geoscience and spatial planning. Classical measurement instruments and tools were superseded by automated devices, modern satellite technology and digital remote sensing sensors. Geoinformation from all sectors is collected through computer based methods of geo computer science and processed for mulitmedia-based presentation.

Arbeitsplatz Erde

is a very informative and well worth seeing website about Geodesy, its fields of activity, carrier prospects, and study courses. The website is presented by three associations together and can be accessed by following link: