Abschluss - was dann?

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Geodesy and Geoinformation


Degree – and then?

Our Master of Science degree is an internationally acknowledged degree, equal to a graduate engineer (university). You can work as a geodesist or geoinformation computer scientist in the most diverse sectors.

Three topical examples:

  • Frank works in urban development. In consideration of the legal regulations, he compiles solutions which are acceptable to all concerned persons, discussing them with all involved.
  • Stephanie measures and analyses the 3D visualisation of a motorcar crash test, taking part in the enhancement of vehicle safety.
  • In a shuttle mission the Earth was aimed at from two perspectives with radar. Holger takes the extracted data and models a new, complete and three-dimensional figure of the Earth.

And you can also find a job in an industrial firm or in an administration department, for example in:

  • utilisation of satellite navigation,
  • measuring and monitoring of physical structures and industrial installations,
  • interpretation of aerial views for emergency management and environment monitoring,
  • management of land and real estates,
  • cadastral survey.

If you do have a great tendency to scientific work and achieve a good or very good master degree you will also have the option to work in the research area at the TU Darmstadt or another university and to aim for a doctorate. Because of the international recognition of the Master of Science Geodesy and Geoinformation this possibility is of course given at foreign universities as well.