Master of Science (M.Sc.) Geodesy and Geoinformation



Taking the regulations of the curriculum into account, the students of the Master of Science Geodesy and Geoinformation study course are free to arrange their studies flexibly and individually, making use of the following options:

  • For the specialization two options are available: Geodetic Metrology and Geomangement.
  • The choice concerning modules in the sector of options (at least 18 CP) can be made very freely, i.e. even choosing modules from other scientific areas is possible.
  • The choice of a theme for the master thesis is made according to own interest. Because of its extent (24 CP, approx. 4 months workload) it is also appropriate to be compiled at a foreign associated university.
  • Up to 60 credit points (i.e. up to 50%) can be acquired at other universities in Germany and abroad, if equivalence of contents is given.

This flexibility makes it possible for every student to generate his own, individual composition of courses. This is carried out in coordination with the mentor assigned for the student's guidance. Therewith, the adequacy of the individual curriculum for academic and sientific qualification in regard of the objectives of the study course can be assured.