Aufbau des Studiums

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Geodesy and Geoinformation


Course structure

The study course Master of Science Geodesy and Geoinformation is disposed for two years or four semesters respectively. A total of 120 ECTS credit points (CP) has to be acquired. To offer some insight concerning the extent and work load: 1.5 CP correspond to one hour per semester week (SWS). A workload of 30 hours per CP is alloted here (i.e. per SWS 45 hours workload). Most modules are designed for 4 SWS and 6 CP. So an average of 20 SWS and 30 CP respectively should be attained every semester (corresponding to 900 hours workload).

The study course is composed of the following essential elements:

  • A basic sector called 'Fachlicher Pflichtbereich' (54 CP) in the first two semesters including the following basic modules:
    • Communal land-use planning II
    • Geo Information Systems II
    • Land Management and Estate Management II
    • Parameter Estimation II
    • Photogrammetry II
    • Physical Geodesy II and Satellite Geodesy II
    • Remote Sensing II
    • Structure Monitoring
    • Surveying Enginering II
    • Geodetic Seminar I
    • Geodetic Seminar II
  • A specialization sector ('Wahlpflichtbereich', 24 CP) in second and third semester.
  • An sector of options ('Wahlbereich') with 18 CP in third and fourth semester, in which choosing from a comprehensive catalogue of modules is possible: 12 CP are to be choosen for the Fachlicher Wahlbereich from courses of the department, while 6 CP forming the Allgemeiner Wahlbereich can be selected from other departments.
  • The concluding Master Thesis (24 CP) in fourth semester, which forms part of the 'Fachlicher Pflichtbereich'.

In the master study course Geodesy and Geoinformation the first two semesters are dedicated to the 'Fachlicher Pflichtbereich' in which the technical basic knowledge gathered in the corresponding modules of the bachelor studies is broadened and deepened. The further education can be specialized even more with regard to the vocational field the student aims for by means of appropriate modules of choice within the 'Wahlpflichtbereich' and 'Allgemeiner Wahlbereich'. Education in the basic sector as well as in the specialization is supplemented by project work, which helps to apply the gathered knowledge straight to solving problems related to practice.

The details about the various modules/lectures are given in form of a module handbook, which is available on the Download page.

Technical knowledge straightly related to the vocational field with regard to interdisciplinary interrelations is taught in both specializations 'Wahlpflichtbereiche'. Choosing Geodetic Metrology you are specifying in the field of geodetic measuring systems and the analysis of the obtained results. In Geomanagement you will be especially taught knowledge of how to deal with properties, assessment of real estate and the development and use of geographical information systems.

In the concluding master thesis you show your ability to independently handle a problem applying scientific methods.

You will find details concerning the study course firstly in the study regulations and secondly in the regulatory statutes. They can be downloaded on the Downloads and Links page. The chronological order of studies can be viewed in the form of a sample plan (in German):