Hochqualifizierte Ausbildung

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Geodesy and Geoinformation


Highly qualified education

In the master study course Geodesy and Geoinformation we especially emphasize interdisciplinary education and qualification including the soft skills area. Basic knowledge is deepend and cross-linked for later engineering activities.

Thereby you benefit from the diversity of institutes and therewith of the diversified teaching. With this you are free to set priorities in your education according to your individual interests and abilities.

We maintain a learn center for students, equipped with substantial technical literature and a PC pool with access to electronic books and periodicals, information services and global literature service.

You will benefit during your studies from the small-sized study groups which lead to pronounced team work. In these study groups you will experience individual and intensive supervision. Besides professional competence your skills in autonomus project work and presentation will be trained. Moreover we will support you when going abroad for a term and you will benefit from our international contacts to countries on all continents.