Wer sollte Geodäsie und Geoinformation studieren?

Study Courses in Geodesy and Geoinformation


Who should study Geodesy and Geoinformation?

Would you like to explore, measure, and visualise Earth and space, determine your exact position or your route to a destination, curiously analyse geoscientific interrelations and visualise them four-dimensionally by means of digital film animation? Or would you like to manage urban redevelopment and rural development projects?

Then you are the right candidate!

Why study Geodesy and Geoinformation:

  • because you are faszinated by the system Earth, by measurement of its variations, and its visualization by means of maps and 3D models
  • because your personal strengths are in natural sciences and computer science
  • because you are interested in working with up-to-date high-tech instruments
  • because you like working in a team and interact with people
  • because you are interested in a mathematics and natural sciences oriented engineering study program
  • because you want to combine practice with a high theoretical level in study as well as later in job
  • because the thematically broad education will open excellent job opportunities in research and business to you

Next to your interest for mathematics, physics, and information technologies, you should be open to the use of the latest technologies and sensors. The broad scope of education also challenges you to consider legal and economic requirements when realizing engineering projects. We offer you a high quality education in both our study programs Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Master of Science Geodesy and Geoinformation, which we would like to introduce to you on these pages. In the course of reform for internationalization of university study programs both courses have replaced the traditional diploma course Surveying Engineering.