Argumente für ein Studium Geodäsie und Geoinformation in Darmstadt

Study Courses in Geodesy and Geoinformation


Arguments for Studying Geodesy and Geoinformation in Darmstadt

On these pages you will learn a lot about the study programs in Geodesy an Geoinformation at the Technische Universität Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt). But beforehand we would like to summarize our arguments in favour of such a study and encourage you to consider studying Geodesy and Geoinformation at TU Darmstadt.

Arguments in favour of studying Geodesy and Geoinformation at TU Darmstadt:

  • TU Darmstadt was the first university in Germany with Bachelor and Master study program in Geodesy and Geoinformation.
  • Both consecutive study courses are internationally compatible and acknowledged.
  • You will study in small, well supervised groups and the education emphasizes on interdisciplinary project work as well as training of soft skills.
  • International contacts, e.g. through a semester or bachelor/master thesis preparation abroad, are supported with emphasis.
  • You will hold an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Civil Engineering and Geodesy degree (profile Geodesy) with multifaceted and excellent job opportunities already after three years.
  • The subsequently possible degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) Geodesy and Geoinformation will give you a head start for your career in industry, science, and administration.
  • Darmstadt is a city of science with a lot of cooperating institutions and an excellent infrastructure.