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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Civil Engineering and Geodesy Profile: Geodesy


Occupational outlook

Holding a Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering and Geodesy degree you will be ready for all future demands coming up to Engineers in Geodesy and Geoinformation or in Civil Engineering. Your qualifications build the foundation for a successful career in all sorts of vocations. As a result of the broadly based education your degree allows you to work for

  • geodetic consulting engineers
  • other consulting engineers
  • building companies
  • public administration
  • IT companies
  • water suppliers
  • manufacturers of geodetic instruments

all over the world. After finishing the bachelor study course, you will have the opportunity to proceed with your academic education in a master study course at the TU Darmstadt or at another university in Germany or abroad. In the field of Geodesy an Geoinformation we particularly recommend the Master of Science Geodesy and Geoinformation study course. It provides an opportunity for deepening your knowledge and therewith opens up even more vocational fields. Even doing research and earning a doctorate will be possible.