Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Civil Engineering and Geodesy Profile: Geodesy



Taking the regulations of the curriculum into account, the students of the Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering and Geodesy study course are free to arrange their studies flexibly and individually, making use of the following options:

  • Selection of a profile ('Ausrichtung') for the study course.
  • Selection of modules from the field of humanities and social sciences or other interdisciplinary courses (within the 'Allgemeiner Wahlbereich').
  • Moreover, in this profile (no more than two) modules can be replaced with other equally suited modules from the fields of engineering sciences, natural sciences and humanities.
  • Interest-oriented selection of a topic for the bachelor thesis.
  • Credit Points can be acquired through equal modules approved when studying abroad.

This flexibility makes it possible for every student to generate his own, individual study program. This is carried out in clearance with the mentor assigned for the students guidance. Therewith, the adequacy of the program for academic and sientific qualification in regard of the objectives of the study course can be assured.