Aufbau des Studiums

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Civil Engineering and Geodesy, 'Ausrichtung' Geodesy


Course structure

The nominal duration of study in the study course Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering and Geodesy is 3 years or 6 semesters respectively. A total of 180 ECTS credit points (CP) has to be attained. To offer some insight concerning the extent and work load: 1.5 CP correspond to one hour per semester week (SWS). A workload of 30 hours per CP is alloted here (i.e. per SWS 45 hours workload). Most modules are designed for 4 SWS and 6 CP. So an average of 20 SWS or 30 CP respectively should be attained every semester (corresponding to 900 hours workload).

At first the student has to choose one of the following 'Ausrichtungen':

- Civil Engineering

- Geodesy

In the following the 'Ausrichtung' Geodesy is described in detail.

In addition a practical training prior to your studies or alternatively during semester break with an overall duration of at least 60 days in a related branch (Geodesy and Geoinformation, Civil Engineering) are requested (details are given in the 'Praktikumsordnung', which is appendix IV of the study regulations).

The study course is composed of the following essential elements:

  • During the first study period called 'Allgemeiner Pflichtbereich' (mandatory, modules with a total of 88 CP), fundamental scientific and technical skills are imparted.
  • The basic 'Fachlicher Pflichtbereich', consisting of mandatory courses related to Geodesy (77 CP) and the Bachelor thesis as final work (9 CP).
  • The 'Allgemeiner Wahlbereich', a block of freely selectable modules (6 CP).

Now we would like to introduce the Fachlicher Pflichtbereich of the Geodesy profile ('Ausrichtung') to you in a more detailed way. It consists of the following 13 mandatory course modules (in all 77 CP):

  • Basics Project Real Estate
  • Communal land-use planning I
  • Geographic Information Systems I
  • Image Processing
  • Land Management and Estate Management I
  • Metrology
  • Parameter Estimation I
  • Photogrammetry I
  • Physical Geodesy I and Reference Systems I
  • Remote Sensing I
  • Satellite Geodesy I and Navigation I
  • Sensor Technology I
  • Surveying Engineering I

The details about the various modules/lectures are given in form of a module handbook, which is available on the Download page. In addition to those mandatory courses modules of at least 6 CP can be selected by own choice ('Allgemeiner Wahlbereich').

Finally the bachelor thesis (9 CP) constitutes the final part of the study programme. The students demonstrate with their bachelor thesis their ability to independently solve a problem from the field of Civil Engineering or Geodesy applying scientific methods.

You will find details concerning the study course firstly in the study regulations and secondly in the regulatory statutes, which can be downloaded on the Downloads and Links page. Here you find an examplary curriculum for the 'Ausrichtung' Geodesy (in German):