Prospect of Professional Career and Fields of Activity


Fields of Activity

With all your knowledge acquired in Geodesy and Geoinformation throughout the study you will be able to act in a wide spectrum of sectors:

  • run your own business, e.g. as a state-licenced surveying engineer
  • in state and cadastral surveying authorities
  • in urban planning and renewal
  • in state offices for urban and rural development
  • in real estate business
  • in preservation of monuments and historic sites
  • in site location planning, e.g. for windmills, photo-voltaic power plants, mobile communication networks etc.
  • surveying engineering in industry sector as well a sensor technology, both in machine and car construction, ship building and aircraft construction
  • metrology for calibration and development of laboratory technology
  • surveying engineering in construction industry, e.g. in structural engineering, underground work, and road construction
  • in traffic navigation and management and telematics
  • in development of navigation and control systems for aviation, agriculture, resource exploitation, and construction industry
  • photogrammmetry and laser scanning for 3D models of buildings, towns, and landscape
  • Geo information systems (GIS) and mobile mapping
  • in travel business
  • in logistics enterprises
  • IT and programming in various sectors, e.g. in PC games industry
  • in disaster control and emergency management
  • at national and international reasearch institutes