Prospect of Professional Career and Fields of Activity


Examples of Activity

Thus, beside the interesting and diverse fields of activity, an excellent prospect for professional career opens up to you. Like in all sectors a respective occupational mobility and flexibility is required. The following examples of interesting tasks shall indicate the diversity of professional activities. You may find your field of activity in private sector, in state administration, or in research and development area, e.g.

  • development of new satellite navigation systems and implementation of space missions for Earth observation
  • use and application of satellite navigation in car, ship, and plane
  • surveying and monitoring of constructional and industrial facilities
  • processing of airborne and satellite photos and image data for disaster control, regional planning and environmental monitoring
  • modelling and application of geo-information systems (e.g. for energy industry and banks, for matters of environment protection, for architecture, …)
  • production of maps and multimedia-based products
  • cadastral surveying as a state-licenced surveying engineer
  • renewal and conversion of towns and villages
  • assessment and management of properties and real estates, e.g. for banks and urban development project management